Our Joeys room caters for children aged 0-2 years.  Our educators help to provide a nurturing, home-like environment for our babies and their families. We work in partnerships with families to ensure that your child’s routines from home are followed to create stability and consistency in your child’s life. We recognise that these routines are constantly evolving as your child grows and we value effective communication between families and educators to continue to make sure your child feels safe and secure.

Our educators plan and deliver and exciting program that enables the babies to explore a range of age-appropriate and sensory experiences. Experiences include music and movement, stories and puppets, painting gardening and cooking

Our Wallabies room caters for children aged 2-3 years. Our educators specialise in recognising that our toddlers are going through a range of emotions and we support them to learn how to process and deal with their big feelings!!  This is the age were a child’s  vocabulary begins to explode and we foster that development by offering a large variety of opportunities for children to explore language through role play, books, puppets and social interaction.

Our toddlers are also beginning to find their independence and self help skills.  We encourage toilet training and see this as a fantastic opportunity to work with our families to provide support and reassurance for your child.

Our Kangaroo room caters for children aged 3-5 years.  Our educators are highly trained to educate and nurture the children in the Kangaroo room especially those who are transitioning to big school the following year.  The program allows children to explore and problem solve as they become critical thinkers. The children in this age group love to engage in conversations, and our educators take the time to encourage them to express themselves.  Our Kangaroos drive our program with their interests, input and decision making.

Our transition to school program is unique in providing the best possible start for our pre-schoolers.  Our Early Childhood teacher holds a double degree in Primary teaching and understands the fundamentals in preparing children for school.  Our play based program focus’s on developing fine motor skills for pre-writing and a fun approach to phonics to foster early reading skills.  Engaging maths activities help our children to problem solve as well as working collaboratively with their peers to find the solution.

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At Do-Re-Mi Early Childhood Education Centre our aim is to provide a secure and happy environment for your child.