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Approved government funding

The Australian Government understands that high-quality childcare is important for many families and plays an important role in children’s education and development. As such, the government provides assistances to help parents with the cost of childcare.

Child Care Benefit

Child Care Benefit (CCB) reduces the cost of your total childcare fees. This is determined on your combined family income. In addition, if you are working, training or studying, you are eligible for up to 50 hours of reduced fees per week. For non-working families, eligibility is up to 24 hours per week.

Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Assistance

JET provides extra help if you are a parent on an income support payment and looking for work, studying or starting a job. Eligibility for JET Child Care Assistance increased from up to 12 months of full-time study, regardless of the course duration, up to 24 months. You can also get assistance if you want to study or train part-time.

Child Care Rebate

Child Care Rebate (CCR) offers additional assistance if you are working, studying or training. The Child Care Rebate covers up to 50% of your out-of-pocket costs up to the annual cap. You have the option to receive your Child Care Rebate paid fortnightly, quarterly or annually as a lump sum directly to your bank account or through your childcare service provider as a fee reduction.

Child Care Assistance

All families are entitled to apply to Department of Human Services for child care assistance. Eligibility for Child Care Assistance is based on your Assessed Family Income (AFI). Proof of income will be required by Department of Human Services. The centre will inform you of the amount you are required to pay after receiving your Family Assistance assessment. 
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