Day Care Centre near Erskine Park

A clean, safe environment

Do-Re-Mi is a long day centre set on beautiful natural acres. We offer care and education for children aged 0-6 years. At Do-Re-Mi, our aim is to provide a clean, secure family environment where children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic skills to become competent and confident individuals. We offer a peaceful location away from busy roads surrounded by nature. 

The children in our care enjoy the benefits of fresh country air, an enormous amount of space to explore and play in and interacting with our farm animals. Do-Re-Mi was established in 1997 by the same family that operates the centre today, offering over 20 years’ experience of Early Childhood Education and Care to the local community. 
A little girl pretending to cook at our day care centre in St. Clair
We are proud to be family owned and operated

Our facilities

Do-Re-Mi is a purpose-built childcare centre boasting three large rooms. We provide a stimulating environment that continually engages children and fosters their learning and development while ensuring their safety. Our playground is a fantastic learning environment with ample resources to help your child develop high-level thinking skills.

The children are active participants in the care of our farm animals and learn about sustainability. Showing respect for the environment is a vital part of our education program.

All meals will be provided for your child while they are at Do-Re-Mi Childcare Centre. We have a large kitchen on site and qualified cooks and nutritionists who plan the daily menu and prepare food for the children.

We would love to have you for a visit

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